My Brother is now a Firefighter 

Being Different

Isn’t being different wonderful? 

You don’t have to worry about blending in or being like someone else.  You can just be yourself.  You can speak and behave the way you really are, without trying to pretend to be someone else.  Without trying to belong to any particular group. Without being fake..  Just transparent . 

That’s how my brother is.   

He is different. He is a gift. I love just the way he is. 

You can wonder.  You can ask.  But please don’t point fingers and pretend he is invisible.  

The following link provides some simple tips on what to do when you encounter a disabled person.

Juan’s 43rd Birthday

Here are some pictures of my brother’s 43rd birthday celebration.  A lot of family members came to celebrate my brother. He continues to be the sweet person he has always been. He is even happier now that he has a new power chair. 


My brother is truly a nice looking individual .  He is kind… honest… funny… And friendly.   He often smiles.  There are different ways of looking at a situation.  There are also different ways to look at a person.   You can perceive someone with pity . Or yo can look at them with pride and admiration . 

I choose to look at my brother with pride and admiration. He is a unique individual who has a great sense of humor. Yet, he is bounded to a wheelchair . He cannot go wherever he chooses to. He cannot do whatever he wants whenever he wants to. But he can  make people smile . He can laugh and cry. He can read books and he can appreciate history. He can certainly forgive those who have hurt him.   He can remember extemelly well details about the past. He can do a lot things. That’s why I choose to admire him.

Happy 42nd Birthday, Juan!




Juan has been vulnerable all of his life .    He has depended on others to do pretty much everything he needs to survive .  The things that the rest of us take for granted , Juan needs to wait for someone else to do for him .  And if someone becomes violent or decides to abuse Juan in someway , there is little he can do to defend himself .

Recently one of his caretakers had to be replaced because she would sleep at her job and usually come late to work.  Juan wound sometimes laugh at her for sleeping sitting up at the table , but I did not find it funny at all.  The last day she worked, she was acompanied by a family member who became verbally violent and abusive at my brother’s house in front of Juan.   This was totally unacceptable .  What else could she have done to take advantage of my brother?

Like the title of this blog implies, Juan is an innocent individual.  And  he requires constant supervision and strong advocacy to ensure he is taken care of and not fall victim of abuse.

It is not true!

Another inspiring story of someone with Multiple Sclerosis … I hope you find it inspiring like I did …

Butterfly Sand


Now those of you who follow my blog know that I have multiple sclerosis.  It is part of my life but it is not my life.  MS is a life sentence not a death sentence and yet characters on TV would have you believe otherwise. Even the media has a difficult time portraying this disease in anything but a negative light. I am here to tell you it ain’t so!

I have a good life.  I have friends, I paint, I write, I socialize. I also live my life in a wheelchair.  I cannot stand.  I need help getting into and out of bed.  And yet my life is not a negative one. I do not despair of the things I cannot do.  I concentrate on the things I can do.  And I do them well.

When friends see articles about MS they believe what they hear, why wouldn’t they?…

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Basketball team rallies around a cheerleader with Down Syndrome

Just thought I would share this story about another “saint” who became famous in her own school.

A Middle School girl diagnosed with Down syndrome is celebrated and cared for by her fellow peers.  They even named the gym after her.  Please see the links below regarding  this lovely story.

The Simplicity of my Brother


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Miracle to still be alive


It is a miracle that Juan is still alive. Today I witnessed another one of his “episodes” at his home. He was sitting on his wheelchair, being calm and collected , when all of a sudden he started choking. Apparently he got excited about something and started gagging and stopped breathing. Between my mom, Juan’s assistance , and myself, we managed to help Juan breath again. He vomited a little but did not have anything in his stomach . It was a scary moment .

When I was 14 years old I remember saving Juan’s life during dinner one time. He has always been at risk of choking. My mom experiences this almost everyday . I truly don’t know how is it that he is still alive.

It is a miracle.